The regular office number won’t do. So pervasive and insidious is this scourge that they have to clear an entire phone line for it. Or so they’d have you believe. Quote:

One airline official who asked to remain anonymous called the CAIR threats about ethnic profiling “much ado about a practice that does not exist in any major airline.”

“You do wonder what the ultimate aim is here; to eliminate a discriminatory practice that does not exist, or is there some other agenda afoot,” the official said.

They’ve published a “know your rights” handbook, too, one chapter of which is devoted to airline travel. Among the steps to be taken:

1. Ask for the names and ID numbers of all persons involved in the incident. Be sure to write this information down.
2. Ask to speak to a supervisor.
3. Sit in hijack formation and begin ranting about Osama Bin Laden.

No, the real steps are here.

They hosted an event last night for the Syrian ambassador, by the way, in which he blamed the “Sunni-Shiite rift” in Iraq — which has existed for 1,400 years — on American foreign policy.