Sean Hannity met them last week when he was in Mosul. Sounds like Waffles’s comment still grates, which might explain in part why Teddy is already inching away.

Note what one man says about “instant gratification.” WaPo’s got a new poll out that puts approval of Bush’s handling at Iraq at a new low — 28% — but just as interesting is the trend. The last time approval was over 50% was January 2004, nine months after the invasion. The first time it dipped below 50% was in September 2003; four months earlier it had been 75%. Americans want victory, but they want it fast.

Another poll out today leads with the fact that the public trusts the Iraq Study Group’s judgment more than Bush’s. True, but scroll down and you’ll see that they trust the military’s judgment more than either. A panel of five retired generals told Bush today that while the situation’s dire, they oppose withdrawal and any negotiations with Syria or Iran. On the contrary, they recommend expanding the Army and Marines.

There was yet a third poll released earlier this week, but crack statistician Keith Olbermann‘s already all over that one. Follow the link and see what counts as two-thirds support in the Olbyverse.

Here’s the vid.