Not the Danish ones; the one they tried to run on South Park. Reason magazine interviewed them about it this summer.

So the first question is, what’s more terrifying, crossing Islam or crossing Scientology?

Trey Parker: They’re really the same people.

This is what happened. I was on my honeymoon in Disney World. I turned on the television, and there were thousands of rioting Muslims, and the caption said, “Muslims enraged over cartoon.” And I said, “Oh, shit. What did we do?”…

Reason: Are you secretly hoping that radical Islamists, who are not always the closest readers of texts, will actually think Family Guy ran an episode showing Muhammad?

Stone: Well, that’s the other big joke. We really weren’t that brave. If it did make it over to some obscure part of Pakistan, they’d be like, “Hey, we ought to kill the guys who did Family Guy.”…

Stone: At some point I think we knew we were going to lose. We weren’t going to get Muhammad on, so we were just going to make them feel really bad about it. I mean, we’ve been at an ACLU meeting where we gave Doug [Herzog, the president of Comedy Central,] an award for freedom of speech, and once you get an award for freedom of speech, you’ve got to step up to the plate.

He didn’t, though. Here’s how the episode turned out when it aired in March of this year.

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