I tried to do better for you but this quickie from Fox is the best I could come up with. Too bad. Sounds like the event was a barnburner.

According to the student news agency ISNA, Ahmadinejad responded to the students’ chants of “students can die but they do not accept degradation” by lashing out at the United States.

“Today, the worst type of dictatorship in the world is the American dictatorship which has been clothed in human rights,” he said.

“Our students are free and they fight and die but do not accept the foreigners’ missions or bend to them,” he added.

“It is my honour to burn for the sake of the nation’s ideals and defend the system,” Ahmadinejad was quoted as telling protesters who set fire his picture, ISNA said.

“Americans must know that even if Ahmadinejad’s body is burnt a thousand times for this purpose, Ahmadinejad will not retreat even a centimetre from these ideals.”

The Iranian president’s speech was also interrupted by firecrackers, ISNA said.

Judging from the posters visible in the video, the pro-regime students outnumbered the dissidents pretty substantially. It takes a brave man to stand up in this situation; god bless the few who did.




The sign reads, “Fascist president, Polytechnic is not your place.”

I’m surprised this made it out of the auditorium and onto the airwaves. That’s encouraging, at least.

Update: A little more than halfway in, you see one student in the foreground hold up a piece of oaktag with “Israel” on it. If you freeze the frame, you can make out “Israel should be whipped [sic] off”. The rest of the message is out of frame but I’m sure we can all guess how it went.

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