For the pain and hardship they suffered when their hijacker-ish behavior was thwarted.

Actually, the article doesn’t say that they’re asking for money, just something “mutually agreeable.”

This one’ll be fun.

The Washington Times first reported on Nov. 28 that the imams were not in their assigned seats, but seated in a formation similar to the September 11 hijackers and controlled the exits to the plane. The men also requested seat-belt extensions but did not appear to need them, and engaged in conversations critical of the United States, according to police reports and eyewitness statements…

Federal air marshals and pilots called the imams’ actions a probe of airport security as well as a probe of the politically correct mentality of air passengers…

An airline spokeswoman says they have received the request from CAIR for a meeting, as well as a meeting request from Rep.-elect Keith Ellison, Minnesota Democrat, the first Muslim elected to Congress, but no date has been set.

Exit question: is CAIR really stupid enough to invite the PR disaster that would result from pursuing a high-profile lawsuit related to terrorism in which the facts very clearly are not on their side?

Answer: yes, of course they are.

Update: The disaster begins.