The J-word wasn’t used but the intent is clear. Super.

A group of prominent Saudi clerics have called on Sunni Muslims around the world to mobilise against Shi’ites in Iraq, although a statement they issued fell short of calling for a jihad, or holy war…

“We direct this message to all concerned about Shi’ites in the world: the murder, torture and displacement of Sunnis … is an outrage. We don’t think you would accept to be treated like this,” said the statement, dated Dec. 7.

“Muslims must stand directly with our Sunni brothers in Iraq and support them by all appropriate, well-studied means … Muslims generally should be made aware of the danger of the Shi’ites,” it said.

“Clerics and intellectuals should not stand hands folded over what’s happening to their Sunni brothers in Iraq; all occasions should be used to expose the Shi’ites’ practices … What has been taken by force can only be got back by force.

The next step: proxy war. To be followed thereafter by a Sunni nuclear deterrent partnership.

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