People seemed to like the “Christian vs. Christ-follower” post so here’s something in the same vein. According to one Christian polling firm, women now make up more than 60% of the American congregation on Sundays and are more likely to attend Sunday school, read the Bible, and pray regularly. Stine, a stand-up comic, thinks that’s because traditional Christian worship is emasculating. So he founded GodMen (tagline: “when faith gets dangerous”), a daylong revival program that aims to bring out the alpha male within by playing up Jesus’s status as an outlaw and flashing images on giant screens of “mayhem and gross-out pranks: a car wreck, a sucker punch, a flabby (and naked) rear end, sealed with duct tape.” Here’s the video promo at GodMen. Money quote: “The true Jesus has been candy coated.”

Self-conscious affectations of masculinity always leave me cold, but I sympathize with Christians who chafe at being stereotyped as the type of buttoned-up dork depicted in the “Christ-follower” videos. Here’s Stine talking to Fox News earlier this afternoon about his own problems with it.

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