We’ve got an AP article about an attack in Baghdad written by Qais al-Bashir quoting a police source. The stage is set for a cameo from our favorite Iraqi officer.

But what’s this?

On Sunday morning, clashes erupted between Sunni and Shiite militants in Baghdad’s mixed western Amil district, a policeman said. One Shiite militiaman was killed and six people five Sunnis and one Shiite were wounded, the officer said on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to talk to the media.

Could the mystery source be the one and only Capt. Jamil? According to the e-mail from Centcom to Flopping Aces that started all this, no one below the rank of chief is authorized by Iraq’s MOI to comment on police matters. Sounds like the AP is going to start following that policy, not by changing its sources but by no longer printing their names. Which, conveniently, will spare them a lot of grief from the blogosphere. From here on out, no names.

So we’ve probably seen the last of Jamil Hussein. Alas, Captain, we hardly knew ye. And by “we,” I mean “the entire planet except Qais al-Bashir.”

Update: Nice catch by Dan Riehl. Yet another example of the kerosene incident conspicuously not being cited by someone unaffiliated with the AP.