They’re tired of the euphemisms and are prepared to call this what it is: a war on violent Islamists.

No, kidding. They’ve gone squishy. Turns out the jihadis are having too easy a time recruiting young Muslims by convincing them that fighting “terror” means fighting “Islam.”

They’ve got a knack for sniffing out that tiny minority, I guess.

Cabinet ministers have been told by the Foreign Office to drop the phrase ‘war on terror’ and other terms seen as liable to anger British Muslims and increase tensions more broadly in the Islamic world…

A Foreign Office spokesman said the government wanted to ‘avoid reinforcing and giving succour to the terrorists’ narrative by using language that, taken out of context, could be counter-productive’. The same message has been sent to British diplomats and official spokespeople around the world…

Whitehall officials believe that militants use a sense of war and crisis and a ‘clash of civilisations’ to recruit supporters, and thus the use of terms such as ‘war’, ‘war on terror’ or ‘battle’ can be counter-productive.

The new strategy? Emphasizing “shared values.” Can’t wait.

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