John Little e-mails to say that ABC News is working on a big one:

ABC News has learned a Chicago-area man has been charged with plotting a terrorist attack.

Sources say the man is accused of planning to use firearms and explosives to attack a specific mall in Rockford, Ill. The alleged plan was to target this mall during the holiday shopping season.

Supposedly, he’s not tied to any organization.

Standby for more.

Update: “The plan was allegedly ideologically motivated,” according to MSNBC.

Update: The CBS affiliate in Chicago says the case has “national security implications,” but notes that the suspect had “ideas and desires, but no means.” They were probably watching the guy and set up a sting where he tried to buy weapons from them. That’s how the Mounties busted the terror cell in Canada earlier this year. We’ll see.

Update: Could this be him? It says he’s a suspect in two Chicago-area attacks, but the motive is some grudge against the police. How would that have national security implications?

Update: The left accused the feds of much ado about nothing in the Miami bust. They won’t like this, then: “Law enforcement officials added that the alleged plot was not on the level of 9/11, and even ‘three rungs below’ the recent Miami plot that was disrupted.”

Update: MSNBC has a teaser up claiming he was planning to use hand grenades.

Update: He’s 22, which means it’s not the guy I linked above.

Update: His name is Derrick Shareef.

He was apprehended after meeting with an undercover agent in a Rockford store parking lot to trade a set of stereo speaksers for four hand grenades and a handgun, the U.S. Attorney’s office said.

Shareef was charged with one count of count of attempting to damage or destroy a building by fire or explosion and one count of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction, authorities said.

Shareef allegedly planned to set off the grenades at the CherryVale Shopping Mall, near Interstate 90 and Interstate 39 on Rockford’s east side. The mall has about 130 retail stores and is owned by a Tennessee-based company, authorities said.

Authorities reported that the mall was one of several potential targets Shareef allegedly discussed with undercover agents, and the others were primarily local government facilities.

A hand grenade constitutes a weapon of mass destruction?

Update: Drudge is teasing it now. An informant claims Shareef wanted to commit “violent jihad.”

Update: The affidavit’s up at the Smoking Gun. I’m going to start you on page six, where he denounces the “kafir,” talks about stabbing Jews, and blames it all on Israel’s war with Hezbollah.

Update: Page seven: “The garbage going to be shrapnel.”

Update: Bottom of page eight — they claim he made a video will in anticipation of martyrdom.

Update: They’re having a press conference now. The lead agent says he planned the attack for December 22nd, the Friday before Christmas, because that’s when he figured the mall would be most crowded.

Update: More from the presser. He was a convert to Islam and was influenced by jihadist websites.