Eight days after the attack, the Guardian claimed police had already logged reports of 300 hate-crime incidents. Today Britain’s top DA said fully 12 people were prosecuted in the month after the bombings, of whom only six cited revenge as a motive. (There were 43 religiously-motivated crimes prosecuted during the entire 2005-06 reporting period.) How do you get from 300 to 12? Probably through a combination of false reports and reports that were true but either couldn’t be substantiated, didn’t rise to the level of a crime, or were classified by police as racial, not religious, in nature. Interestingly, the one marquee hate-crime that happened at the time — the beating death of a Pakistani man in Nottingham by a group of kids who allegedly called him “Taliban” — isn’t accounted for in the numbers for Nottinghamshire in the report. At least one of the kids pleaded guilty to manslaughter so there should be something in the homicide column for Nottinghamshire under racial or religious. Nope.

Just a little caution, then, that British Muslim rights groups, while plenty hysterical, probably aren’t quite as hysterical as a cursory glance at the article might have them seem. Meanwhile, racially motivated hate crimes increased from not quite 5,800 in 2004-05 to 7,400+ in 2005-06 — a gain of 28%. The report doesn’t break down the victims and perpetrators by race but I’m sure there are ample numbers of whites and “Asians,” i.e., Pakistanis, on both sides of the ledger. Bad days ahead.