It seems they’re guilty of religious intolerance because those flags have the Arabic word for “Allah” on them. Which means, according to SFSU, when you trample on Hamas and Hezbollah you’re not trampling on a perverted, extremist view of Islam.

You’re trampling on Islam.

No doubt Hamas and Hezbollah would agree.

The makeshift flags were those of Hezbollah and Hamas, two Islam-based political parties in the Middle East designated by the United States as terrorist organizations. Leigh Wolf, a member of the College Republicans, said the group was unaware of what the Arabic symbols meant until some Muslim students brought it to their attention.

“The goal was to desecrate Hezbollah and Hamas, not Islam,” Wolf said…

“It’s the equivalent of stepping on the cross. How would Christians feel?” said Ali Algarmi, 21, an SF State Muslim student studying sociology. “We see that as being spit on the face.”

After learning of the religious symbols the College Republicans let some Muslim students alter the flags to be less inflammatory before walking on them in protest of terrorists.

“That’s something very holy, and stepping on it, it’s disgracing Islam,” Brian Gallagher said, an SF State student and General Union of Palestinian Students, or GUPS, member.

SFSU has been one of the most viciously anti-semitic campuses in America for years now, and not always peacefully so. Israeli flags — which of course feature the star of David — no doubt are desecrated regularly. Anyone been defunded? Anyone even complained?

Two short clips from the rally have been posted on YouTube. Neither one has footage of the flags but they’re useful for flavor.