People are pointing to this Times of London article as confirmation of the rumors, but go to the actual interview with his father in Kommersant and you’ll see it’s iffier. Boldface mine:

— They say Alexander adopted Islam before his death?

He thought about it. I came to see him in the hospital and said: “My boy, I lighted a candle for you to St. Sergei Radonezhsky, and prayed for your soul!” And he replied: “Father, I want to be buried according to Muslim traditions.” I said: “Well, son, as you wish. Another Muslim in our family – my daughter is married to a Muslim. The main thing is to believe in the Almighty – there is one God. The main thing is to live according to God’s laws, and not those of the Satan.”

ToL doesn’t quote the first sentence, although it’s not a big deal. The father obviously considers him a Muslim and whether or not he went the whole nine yards and converted or “merely” identified as a Muslim sufficiently to want to be buried with Islamic rites is beside the larger point. That larger point being: how’d a Chechen sympathizer with a rumored history of nuclear smuggling who’s undergoing a religious awakening end up with polonium on him?

Update: A.J. Strata has been pushing the dirty-bomb theory for several weeks now. Just keep scrolling.

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