Via Rick Moran, it’s day three of the protests and the bad moon is rising:

Opposition and government supporters on Sunday were engaged in two separate street fights in Beirut, as opposition leader Talal Arslan pledged to “smash the government under the boots.”

Security sources said four people were wounded in the clashes which took place in the densely-populated Tarik Jedideh neighborhood and on the Badaro-Qasqas highway.

Shiite supporters from the southern suburbs trying to infiltrate into Tarik Jedideh, a low-income Sunni quarter, clashed with pro-government supporters with stones, sticks and knives, witnesses told Naharnet.

They said sporadic bursts of automatic gunfire could be heard in the confrontation which lasted about 45 minutes before army troops and police patrols stepped in to disengage the opponents.

Fox just broke in to say that one Shiite has been shot dead. Abu Kais, guest-blogging at Totten’s, says Hezbollah has been spotted filming the building in which the government is holed up, and that Mubarak reportedly said yesterday that “many Arab countries” are ready to intervene if Iran makes a play for Lebanon. He ends thusly:

[T]ime is running out for Hizbullah and Aoun. The resentment towards them and their supporters is reaching dangerous levels. There have been many spontaneous protests in several Lebanese cities, and it is clear that there are people who will not sit and watch the militia and its Christian cover besieging their government and paralyzing the country.

Unless they plan on a military coup, I don’t see how they will succeed in toppling the government, which is enjoying the support of parliament, not to mention most of the world.

If they don’t end their occupation of downtown Beirut soon, civil war will come knocking.

For the time being, it’s business as usual.

Update: Abu Kais says Assad is arming the troops in preparation for endgame.