This is so typical of Olbermann that it barely warrants a post, but the shamelessness of this particular distortion and Media Matters’s apparent role in feeding it to him push it over the top. Those of you who don’t read Olby Watch don’t realize how heavily our modern-day Edward R. Murrow depends upon the nutroots and left-wing spin outlets for his content, which is fine except for the fact that he’s either too lazy or too stupid to fact-check their crap before he puts it on the air. And so this happens. O’Reilly claimed recently that he had called for the U.S. to impose law and order on Baghdad on the very day that Saddam’s statute fell. WRONG!, says Olby, O’Reilly said no such thing that day. True — it turns out that O’Reilly said it in the very next program. He had misremembered the timeline by two days. Could Keith have checked that? Yes. Did he? Maybe. Did he mention it on air? No.

I blame Media Matters, though, not Olbs. As someone once said, if a man gives a gun to a chimp and the chimp shoots someone, you don’t blame the chimp.