Why the show of pique? Because the leftists in government can’t accept that they lost the election.

Ruling party lawmakers, chanting “Mexico wants peace,” seized the speaker’s platform where Calderon was supposed to appear, while leftist opponents blocked most of the chamber’s doors…

Mexico’s Constitution calls for Calderon to take the oath of office before Congress, and the leftists argued that he cannot become president without that formality.

Lopez Obrador, who lost the presidency to Calderon by less than a percentage point, massed thousands of supporters nearby in the capital’s main Zocalo plaza as thousands of riot police surrounded Congress to block them from moving in.

The leftist has refused to recognize Calderon’s victory, setting up a parallel government of sorts and declared himself the “legitimate president” of Mexico.

Calderon did eventually show up and take the oath to the tune of jeers and whistles. In attendance: Papa Bush and Governor Arnold, who was there to pay proper respect to the true leader of millions of Californians.

What do you do when a neighboring country is about to erupt in civil war? Ask the Saudis.

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