The left loves the thought of Bush being a closet homo. Remember when this image started popping up on protest signs a few years ago?


It’s Stephen Harper’s turn now, as you’ll shortly see. The clip comes from a sketch taped for a comedy show to air in Quebec next month. Canada’s buzzing about it, and not just because of the beautiful expression of Bush’s and Harper’s love; the guy who peeks into the tent is Andre Boisclair, who’s both openly gay and and the leader of Quebec’s separatist party. The English translation of what he says is “I won’t go in there.”

I don’t recall any placards or sketches in the 90s showing Bill Clinton bending Jean Chretien over a sofa so the gay aspersions must be a special treat reserved for conservatives. I guess they got us, huh?

The cherries-on-the-nipples gag is cute, though. Thanks to Verum Serum for the clip.