Could the Trilateral Commission have hired paid thugs to try to silence TT before he blew the lid off the North American Union conspiracy?

Maybe. But it’s more likely a case of “progressives” showering peace, tolerance, and chops to the adam’s apples of anyone who disagrees with them. Don’t bother tuning in to “Countdown” tonight to see Olby tackle this one; it won’t be there.

A campus discussion about illegal immigration turned violent Thursday evening, when protesters clashed with the MSU College Republicans and Young Americans for Freedom, who sponsored the event.

Kyle Bristow, chairman of the Young Americans for Freedom, or YAF, said he was kicked and spat upon by some of the protesters when he was outside the MSU College of Law, where the discussion was being held…

Before Tancredo arrived and while the event was being set up, protesters gathered on the fourth floor of the law college with signs that read “Ignorant Racist.”

Someone in the building set off a fire alarm twice throughout the evening…

Randy McPherson, whose sign read “Where’s the wall to keep you out?” came to protest when he heard that the congressman would be speaking.

“God works in mysterious ways,” said McPherson, a food science and premedical junior, after the second fire alarm was pulled. “(Tancredo) shouldn’t be here.”

The scum at Columbia got away with it, the scum here probably will too. TT took it in stride, though, describing it afterwards in an e-mail to his staff as “very exciting stuff.”

Hey, look what I found on YouTube! Skip ahead to, oh, 1:50 and 4:00 if you’re pressed for time. “Taken out of context,” eh?

Update: Slapstick Politics found a clip of the protest at the Rocky Mountain News. It’s the usual. Click the image to watch.