Just making it official. He’s pulling 3% in the latest polls, he presided over a Senate that pissed off just enough Republicans to lose the majority, and he infamously advised making a deal with the Taliban — before explaining that he meant the moderate Taliban.

Doesn’t even warrant the red font in the headline.

Update: America’s (semi-)professional gamblers rejoice: “I know a lot of poker players that were going to make his life miserable on the trail for his insistence on the dumb inclusion of an anti-online gambling provision in a port security bill. To me, that’s Frist’s legacy.”

Update: DU breaks the news: “Cat Killer Bill Frist not to run for President in 2008.”

Update: StoutRepublican notes below that this means more votes for Romney. Yeah — 3% more. Which brings his national total up to, er, about 3%.

Actually, he’s the frontrunner. It’s just that nobody knows it yet.