Conyers is the incoming chairman of the Judiciary Committee so it’s his statement you’re looking for. It starts on numbered page 12 and runs through page 18. Highlights: all the new evidence that came to light after Hastings’s acquittal at trial at the top of page 14; the not-at-all suspicious escape from Washington towards the bottom of page 15; and his openness to the possibility that the charges against Hastings were trumped up for racial reasons — until he looked at the facts and realized the guy was guilty as sin. From the bottom of page 17, the race card is trumped:

Although it has been suggested that the decision in this matter may adversely affect that struggle [for racial equality], I do not believe that to be the case. A black public official must be held to the same standard as every other public official. A lower standard would be patronizing. A higher standard would be racist. Just as race should never disqualify a person from office, race should never insulate a person from the consequences of wrongful conduct.

Exit question: where is the sinister, omnipresent hand of Malkin in all this?