The imams told CAIR they’d been engaged in “normal evening prayers.” Really? Do normal evening prayers involve “cursing U.S. involvement with Saddam”?

You know, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Detailed accounts of the incident varied. Witnesses, including a number of passengers and US Airways employees, said they heard some of the men making anti-American remarks and chanting “Allah,” first as they boarded the plane and then when led off, Mr. Hogan said.

Others said the men behaved strangely once on board, with some asking for seat belt extensions, the police report said. “I did not see they actually needed them,” one flight attendant wrote in a statement given to the police. “They were not overweight.”

Dr. Shahin disagreed, saying the extensions were necessary for their “big bodies.”

In another statement, a gate agent said some of the imams had been praying in Arabic in the gate area. “I was suspicious by the way they were praying very loud,” the agent said.

The Times has a photo of the note handed to a flight attendant by one of the passengers.

Does this mean Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to pray loudly and curse America onboard, or shortly before boarding, a commercial airliner? Heavens, no. In fact, they should be encouraged to do so. Take your chances!

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