I’ve been meaning to write about this for awhile and now lazy Friday’s given me the chance.

People occasionally e-mail us asking for a PayPal button so that they can donate. That’s kind of them, but there are other ways to help the site that don’t require quite so much largesse. For one thing, you can buy stuff at the HA store and get something for your money in return.

Alternatively, what you can do is sign up at Digg and start putting the “Digg It” button on your favorite conservative blogs to use. There’s one at the end of every post on this site — and at MM’s site, and at LGF and Ace of Spades, to take just three other prominent examples. (There’s none at Instapundit. He’s sort of a one-man Digg anyway, so it’d be redundant.) You’re not limited to sites with the Digg button, either; you can manually enter the URL of any blog post or news article that catches your fancy and add that to the Digg roster.

I mention this because (a) Digg is increasingly important as a news source, and (b) as of right now, its political channel is dominated by liberals. I see stuff on the charts there from Media Matters, Crooks & Liars, and, especially, Think Progress all the time; with two exceptions, I’ve never seen a post from a conservative blog. Which tells me either you guys aren’t using it, which is a shame since the popular articles are endlessly interesting, or you are using it and have never read anything Diggworthy on any right-wing blog. Which is unlikely.

Having said all that, if you do sign up for an account, please use discretion in deciding which posts to Digg. Digging everything you read is not only an abuse of their site but defeats its purpose as a news filter by burying the wheat under chaff. Stick to stuff that’s genuinely newsworthy. Or creative.

I leave you with the words of Robert Cox, proprietor of OlbermannWatch.com, writing last month about the boss’s run-in with YouTube:

It may not matter who manufacturers your radio since all points on the dial are equally accessible and the choice is tiny compared to the number of Web sites, but on the Internet, where popularity is often directly proportional to technological acumen and popularity, once achieved, breeds more popularity, who builds what means everything.

Malkin may have been the first casualty in the coming information war but she certainly will not be the last. Yet online conservative elites seem not to care. They fail to realize that voters are increasingly accessing news and information from these new media sources and that these sources are using their editorial discretion to publish and promote a liberal — not conservative — agenda.

Still think it doesn’t matter? Just ask Michelle.

Update: Phin at the Phish Bowl has a post explaining how to install the Digg button on your site.

Update: Digg this!

Update: Reader Jenn S. e-mails:

[T]here is no shortage of conservative blog articles posted to sites like Digg, Deli.cio.us, Reddit, etc.. There is, however, a shortage of conservative users that spend enough time these sites to Digg the conservative articles on a daily basis.

At the suggestion last summer of Michelle, I joined Digg, and have been faithfully posting articles, and building a network of “friends” on the site. I even learned met a fellow Digger online who helped me set my blog up correctly so that I can post blog articles to the other social network sites. I post articles from Michelle Malkin, David Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Townhall, Human Events, etc…

But, inspite of the fact that I have almost 300 friends, and about 100 “mutual” friends, my posts almost never get more than 20-30 diggs, and that’s not enough go get to the front page. And then, of course, certain Blogs, like Michelle’s, are automatically “buried” by a bunch of Malkin-haters that run like a pack.

If conservative bloggers are ever going to make a difference on sites like Digg, we’re going to have to get organized, and take time to not only “post” stories, but go in and spend some time daily “digging,” each other’s stories.

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