Thanks to our friends at the Laura Ingraham Show for the clip. Like Kyl says, the question is whether they have the votes. Do they? Only 36 Senators voted against the Senate immigration bill back in May — and three of those were Democrats. Gulp.

INGRAHAM: “Will the GOP minority in the Senate, Senator Kyl, filibuster the president if he agrees with a broad coalition of Democrats and pro-illegal immigration Republicans on pushing temporary workers and a path to citizenship? Can you see that happening?”

KYL: “I would certainly hope that the majority of Republicans in the Senate would not be complicit in passing legislation that is not wise, that for example, would put everybody on a path to citizenship and say that temporary workers get to get U.S. citizenship, and so on. I would certainly hope that we would have the 40 votes to be able to stop that, but, I don’t know, we’re going to have to wait and see; it’ll be very close.”

INGRAHAM: “I would guess then that’s a yes; a filibuster would be in order if it was necessary.”

KYL: “It would be in order. My only question is whether we’ve got the votes to do it. Clearly a majority of the Republicans in the Senate don’t want that kind of legislation, but whether we’ve got 40 votes, I’m just not sure.”