Start getting used to it.

The boss will be back in studio at FNC tomorrow night as Brit Hume’s official liaison to the blogosphere. Bryan, Ian, and I will be home watching through tears as she reports on the sneering nutroots celebration posts at dKos. Or at least, Bryan and Ian will; I plan on being drunk by around ten to dull the anticipated pain from the Democrat victory speeches.

Here’s a little semi-related good news to lead you into the segment. Harold Ford might like girls, but girls don’t seem too crazy about him.

They also talked abortion, which gave the lovely KP yet another chance to endear herself to the feticide fetishists on her side of the aisle. O’R wanted to know what she thought of his shouting match/interview with abortion evangelist Amy Richards on Friday; needless to say, she was not taken with Ms. Richards’s position.



KP will also be in studio tomorrow doing commentary as the returns come in. I’ve begged her by e-mail and IM to refer to the “netroots” as the “nutroots” at some point in the evening, but thus far she refuses to do so.

Luckily, there’s always a chance of a Kerryesque “slip.”

Exit question: does the name “Amy Richards” ring any bells? If not, here’s a hint: mayonnaise.