Our side wants to take the fight to the enemy. So does theirs.

The GOP’s given up on DeWine in Ohio, but there is good news. Talent’s up by two in Missouri and Kean’s dead even with Menendez in NJ, with the full backlash from the gay-marriage ruling yet to kick in.

Americans are narrowly in favor of hearings too, although not nearly as much as they suspect the Dems themselves are:


Ever the optimist, Barnett says he feels a lucky streak coming on and drops this little firecracker of an idea, which set my heart a-fluttering like the thought of KP in knee-high boots:

By the way, for those of you who keep emailing me telling me there’s no way Lieberman will switch parties, I disagree. But let me put forth an additional scenario that we’ll all find plausible: It’s not at all unimaginable that Lieberman will join the Bush cabinet and Connecticut’s Republican Governor Jodi Rell will then have to appoint a replacement. Maybe she’ll appoint that nice Republican Alan Schlesinger who has so impressed the nutroots.


Speaking of KP, is this the year social cons start making inroads on the left? The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step — in the Bible belt.