Highlights from the Politics Program with Mark Plotkin. I speculated last night that the pedo passage might have been inspired by some obscure cultural practice Webb observed while he lived in southeast Asia. According to him, that’s exactly what it was.

The clip is edited, but fairly represents what he said. I had to cut the bit after Webb called Plotkin’s reading of one sex scene on air “inappropriate.” Plotkin replied that he simply wanted to give Webb a chance to explain why he includes these scenes in his books. Webb accepted that.

E.M. read the CNS article and thinks Webb dug himself a bigger hole. Having listened to it, I think he dug himself out. Judge for yourself.

Update: Pathetic.

Update: 49-48 with two and a half weeks to go.

Update: Rob Port points to online evidence that yes indeed, this odd custom is practiced in south Asia.

Update: It’s getting dumber

Update: Jon Henke of Allen HQ reminds us that the Dems — and the Olberdouche — were taking a very different line when Scooter Libby’s novel came out. Surprise.