The Freepers were buzzing about this yesterday before the interview had even ended. SeeDub burned the midnight oil to write about it. I started listening to it at Townhall at a little after 2 a.m., thinking I’d scan five minutes’ worth and turn in. I went to bed at 3.

Here, for the benefit of our readers at work, is the transcript. The rest of you have no excuse. I ended up on Hewitt’s side, of course, although his socratic-method trap-laying does get tiresome. It wasn’t fair of Captain Sanctimony to call him a “pathetic pedant” (at around 26:00), but it wasn’t entirely unfair either. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy him badgering Hewitt at certain points. No one who’s sat in a law-school classroom and been grilled will fail to appreciate the tables being turned here.

Plus, it made for great radio.

At the very least, listen to the segment that See-Dubya suggests. The idea of Andrew “Bandwidth Drive” Sullivan criticizing someone else for fattening his purse is simply too rich. Pun intended.

Here’s the follow-up segment with Lileks, which runs a few minutes too long but has its moments. In particular, when he describes something Hewitt had written in quick succession as “gobsmacking” and “vile,” an in-joke that’ll be cherished by Sully-bashers forever. See this a.m.’s Bleat for more.

Update: Hewitt’s new column is on Captain Sanctimony and, in vintage HH form, begins with a complimentary insult: “Andrew Sullivan may be the biggest wasted talent in all of the English speaking world.”