SSP, of course, is the mysterious blog that started over the summer, had virtually no posts for its three months, then somehow scooped the universe by publishing Mark Foley’s pervy e-mails to the pages just in time for election season. The guy at Stop October Surprises traced its author to HRC with some nifty Internet evidence and now, according to Vicarious Sunshine, the unnamed employee who’s responsible has been duly canned.

According to a comment left on SOS by someone claiming to be a spokesman for HRC:

“The email exchanges in question between former Congressman Mark Foley and a House page have been in the possession of bloggers and media outlets for some time now. Yesterday, it came to our attention that an HRC employee, hired just last month to work for us in Michigan, was responsible for initially posting these emails on his blog. We investigated the matter, determined that HRC resources had been inappropriately used, and let him go. No one at the Human Rights Campaign, other than this individual, had any knowledge of his activities,” said Brad Luna, Spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign.

No doubt. They draw the line at whispering about lists of closeted gay Republicans.

Exit question, which has been the question all along: which “bloggers and media outlets,” and how much time is “some time”?

Update: Actually, one more question. Was the SSP blogger fired because he didn’t come forward with the Foley information sooner, because he chose to publish it anonymously instead of bringing it to HRC, or, as is suggested by the SOS comment, simply because he went about his business on company time?