Sort of. Fox’s spot is a campaign ad for Claire McCaskill. Caviezel’s clip is an ad opposing Amendment 2, the stem-cell initiative on the ballot in Missouri.

If you believe in “ensoulment,” you’re probably with Caviezel. If, like me, you don’t, you’re probably with Fox. And if you’re worried about slippery slopes, you should probably revisit your logic for supporting the CIA’s authority to belly-slap Khaled Sheikh Mohammed.

I’ve watched this vid six times now and I still can’t understand what Caviezel says at the beginning. Is that … Aramaic? Is he actually doing a little JC reprise to lean on Missouri’s Christian voters? Talk about playing the infallibility card.

Be sure to follow that last link and read Barnett, by the way. He’s catching hell from the Ministry of Tolerance for not having unthinkingly defended a fellow “victim.” That sort of thing seems to be going around, alas.

Update: Don’t miss Tinti’s MJF parody ad.

Update: Republican Rep. Barbara Cubin introduces a novel way of disagreeing with the handicapped. Good lord.

Update: Talent up by three in Mizzou? Mary K says the national tide’s a-turning. I want to believe — but I don’t.

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