No sense waiting. The longer they wait, the more pathetic it’ll look.

The alleged moral victory here is that the Freshmaker proved to the party intelligentsia that you can win by running against the war, a lesson they simply wouldn’t have learned had not the nutroots spurred him on to victory in Connecticut. Never mind stuff like this:


The DNC is simply too stupid to track trends in the most important issue there is to voters and adjust their national tactics accordingly. They needed proof that this strategy was a winner, which Lamont delivered by taking the primary — against a notoriously hawkish candidate who’s trouncing him in the general election in one of the bluest states in the country.

So there’s your moral victory.

More poll fun from Gallup:


The percentage of Democrats who describe themselves as “extremely” or “very” motivated has actually declined by 1% since June. On the Republican side, it’s increased by 4% — although that’s at least partly offset by the increase in “not at all motivated” voters.

With left and right in balance it’s the independents who’ll decide things, and that’s where the nutroots has the last laugh. PIPA noted the trend among independents recently, too:


Majority Watch says the Dems are poised to take the House, with as much as a 20-seat margin if everything breaks their way. That certainly fits wth WaPo’s “wave” projection. As for the Senate, Taegan Goddard boils it down to three races: Missouri, Tennessee, and Virginia. I’d add Montana in there, since Conrad Burns has pulled to within three points or so of Jon Tester.

The latest polls at RCP have the GOP winning two of those. Which would make it 50-50.

Dan Riehl’s putting on a brave face, but Byron York and the New York Sun are hammering that panic button for all it’s worth.


Update: 10 seats locked up, 45 in play? Uh oh.