I’m still getting caught up with other news, but here’s some red meat for our new commenters. Quote:

According to Lynn Paltrow, executive director at Advocates for Pregnant Women, the way to prevent cases like Skinner’s is to provide low-income women easier access to abortions and reproductive health resources.

“The question we shouldn’t be asking is, ‘What crime did she commit?’ But, ‘Why didn’t she have access to abortion services? Why didn’t she have access to mental health services?'” Paltrow said.

The case is up on appeal after the lower court dismissed the case against her.

She shot herself on her due date. Virginia’s late-term abortion ban was struck down by the Fourth Circuit last year for failing to allow abortions where giving birth would threaten the mother’s health.

Update: Please note: it is, indisputably, a criminal act for someone else to kill a woman’s fetus by intentionally injuring her. The question for the court here is whether there’s an exception for a mother who injures herself.

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