The Guardian broke the story but I know people don’t always click, so here’s a video precis from the BBC courtesy of our pal kasper kasper. You really should read the article, though — especially the end, which explains the tried and true cult indoctrination methods by which the jihadist mentality is bred.

Why Britain? In a word: Pakistan. The UK has a huge number of young Muslims of Pakistani origin, many of whom travel to the old homeland to visit family. That means a fresh supply of westernized would-be jihadis on AQ’s doorstep to be brainwashed and then sent back to Britain, where they can blend in undetected. And as bad as things are now, they’re likely to get worse: according to AKI, England’s veil controversy is getting big play in the Pakistani papers, to the opportunistic delight of the country’s Islamic parties. It’s been noticed in the Balkans, too. Note well:

Miroljub Jevtic, professor at Belgrade University’s political science faculty and an expert on religion, said the veil debate was a result of the “mistaken European perception of religion and misunderstanding of Islam.”Whereas Jesus Christ was just a religious leader, and the Christian Church is separated from the state, Islam’s founder, Mohammed, was “everything – the head of state, religious leader and the supreme judge,” Jevtic told AKI.

“Secularism is foreign to Islam and Europe should understand that,” he underlined.

The face-veil is deeply rooted in the Muslim tradition and teachings and, “taken literally, those who renounce it are condemned to hell,” Jevtic, who is a Serb and an Orthodox Christian, explained. Europe was “facing a difficult task, having to choose between granting religious freedoms and traditional rights to a growing Muslim population, or ultimately to abolish itself,” he said.

“Denying such religious freedoms as the face-veil clearly violates the rights of Muslims, which are deeply rooted in Islam’s teachings. Letting it develop freely, it is in the long run sentencing itself to Islamisation,” Jevtic concluded.

Like I said the other day: intractable.

FYI, the woman at the center of the veil controversy, who was suspended from her teaching job for refusing to remove her niqab, was awarded £1,000 today by a British grievance board for “injury to feelings.”