You’ve got to be kidding:

In a tense exchange with Tester, who has taken a slim lead in recent polls, Burns hammered the Democratic challenger for his call on the president to develop a plan for withdrawing troops from Iraq.

“He wants everyone to know our plan. That’s not smart,” Burns said.

“He said our president (doesn’t) have a plan. I think he’s got one, but he’s not going to tell everybody in the world,” Burns added. “If you want to go out and spar for a fight, are you going to tell your enemy what your plan is? I don’t think so.”

Burns later said: “There is a plan. We’re not going to tell you, Jon.”

Tester’s “slim, recent” lead actually isn’t all that slim and recent. Congrats, Burnsy: you’re in line to be the first Republican torpedoed by a nutroots-supported candidate.

Via the Late Late Show, is this why the plan’s not working? Mean, but funny.

Update: Earlier today in Najaf:


Update: This is encouraging, too.