The Daily Pennsylvanian has it.

It’s true, CREW did contact the DOJ about Weldon’s possible influence peddling — two and a half years ago. The case suddenly and mysteriously got hot again this past Friday, though, with Weldon currently in a dead heat with Democratic opponent Joe Sestak.

Which is suspicious. But not as suspicious as the fact that there’s enough probable cause here to justify six federal search warrants.

It’s Foley redux. We’re happy to defend you from dirty tricks, boys, but it sure helps if you’re not actually, you know, guilty.

As for CREW, funny thing: they bill themselves on their blog as a “nonpartisan legal ethics watchdog,” yet they’ve breathed not a word about Dirty Harry’s dirty, dirty land deal. Fancy that.

I wonder if it’s ever come up during one of Melanie Sloan’s many appearances on Air America Radio.

Oh well. Not a problem anymore.