That’s the word on the street, although the reality-based community has been known to confuse electoral reality with wishful thinking. Tinti’s not worried and says Connecticut Republicans realize that a vote for Schlesinger is a vote for Lamont. Just like, er, Democrats “knew” that a vote for Nader was a vote for Bush in 2000.

Of course, if we acted like Democrats we wouldn’t have two chambers to lose.

HuffPo’s already working on the empty suit’s concession speech. Rational response to the polls? Reflex reaction of a party prone to defeatism and used to losing? Or just getting a jump on the treacly, unbearably overwrought valedictions we’ll be treated to on election night if this loser does, in fact, go belly up? Imagine every Olbermann fan in America — all eleven of them — trying to one-up each other in a contest of who can write the Lamont eulogy with the purplest prose.

I think I’d rather see him win.

Elsewhere: according to ABC News political director/Democratic Party shill Mark Halperin, “GOP strategists” expect to lose the House. Election Projection thinks that’s a reasonable expectation. As I write this, TradeSports has GOP retention of the lower chamber at … 31.3 and plummeting.

GOP retention of the Senate stands at 61.2, although it’s down eight points today. Rasmussen has already taken the last tally out of the “Lean GOP” column by declaring Virginia now too close to call, thereby leaving things at 48-48 with four toss-ups. Dan Riehl follows the money and feels optimistic, noting the huge advantage many Republican candidates have over their opponents — but one of the ones he lists, Mike DeWine, has already allegedly been abandoned by the leadership as a sure loser.

Finally, two meta-polls for you. First, via Pew, the Bush effect? Or the Kos effect?


And also from Pew, this fascinating graph suggesting that your lifelong party affiliation is determined by what the political landscape looks like when you turn 20. Click for full size.


The good news: those Truman Democrats won’t be around to trouble us much longer! The bad news: Bush has created more Democrats than FDR did.

Addendum (Ian): Isn’t it kind of funny that most of the popular liberal bloggers write Schlesinger won the debate. It’s like someone is telling them what to write or something.

Daily Kos: Republican Alan Schlesinger, who was surprisingly impressive in the debate, made a clear distinction between himself and his two opponents on the immigration issue:

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Crooks and Liars: Schlesinger came out fighting

Jane Hamsher: Finally. A Republican with the stones to tell Joe Lieberman to get off his damn lawn. Lieberman thought he was going to look “bipartisan” standing in between Ned Lamont and Alan Schlessinger during the debate today but he just looked like a man without a country, crying because everyone was trying to steal his candy. While Joe was praising every Republican in sight (Jodi Rell, John McCain, Susan Collins — funny, no Democrats)

myDD: Lieberman Crunched, Schlesinger Soars