A colorful metaphor, perhaps?

I’m afraid not.

Update: The person who recorded it says it comes from a book signing in Palo Alto. He’s working on finding out the exact date. Also, it’s been slightly edited.

Over the summer I had a hysterectomy, and um, I got my “parts” back. I thought I could just [inaudible] on eBay, you know, “[inaudible] Cindy Sheehan’s uterus.” And so I planted it in the garden where the bush, it’s a pretty bush… It’s so funny ’cause me and my children, we’ll always be a part of, of Crawford, Texas. Long after people forgot the horror of the Bush regime, long after, you know, we’re forgotten. We’ll always, our DNA will always be in the land…”

Update: Commenter RLW surfed around in the Texas statute books and found this:

(A) Human materials removed during surgery, labor and delivery, autopsy, embalming, or biopsy shall be subjected to one of the following methods of treatment and disposal:…
(ii) tissues or fetuses:…
(III) interment;

We go to the definitions:

(31) Interment–The disposition of pathological waste by cremation, entombment, burial, or placement in a niche…
(9) Burial–The act of depositing a pathological waste in a grave, a crypt, vault, or tomb, or at sea…
(27) Grave–A space of ground in a burial park that is used, or intended to be used for the permanent interment in the ground of pathological waste…
(10) Burial park–A tract of land that is used or intended to be used for the interment of pathological waste in graves.


Update: What will Cindy’s planted uterus spawn? Another war hero? Or something more Lovecraftian?

Update: Kristinn Taylor of Free Republic e-mails to say that it was probably recorded at this appearance on October 7th.

Update (Bryan): Maybe St. Cindy was just trying to set up a new geocaching target. Get out yer GPS and hunt for…the uterus of a Peace Mom.

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