They claim that everyone who’s called in about it has been real nice, so they haven’t increased security.

They’re a Danish company, though, and embassy-burning primitives don’t have a great track record when it comes to distinguishing real Mohammed parodies from fake ones.

So they’re getting out in front of the news cycle:

Danish toymaker Lego Group today issued a pre-emptive apology to Muslims around the world for the appearance a second time since spring – via e-mail and on numerous Web sites – of an authentic-looking Lego box showing the prophet Mohammed in a sexually compromising position, company officials said…

“The Lego Group wants to stress that there is no such Lego product, and that the company totally condemns the picture and the manner in which someone has made use of the Lego products and brand,” Simonsen said.

In fact they’ve issued two statements, one on the site itself and the other in a downloadable PDF. Mohammed is duly referred to throughout as “the prophet Mohammed,” but sans “pbuh.” In time that too may come to be regarded as an offense worthy of incendiaries.

Zombie has the photoshop, about a third of the way down.

Tory MP David Davis, condemning what he perceives as “voluntary apartheid” in England, in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph earlier today:

“There is a growing feeling that the Muslim community is excessively sensitive to criticism, unwilling to engage in substantive debate. Much worse, is the feeling of some Muslim leaders that as a community they should be protected from criticism, argument, parody, satire and all the other challenges in a society that has free speech as its highest value. It is straightforward. I respect your religion, you respect mine and we all respect our laws. No special treatment.”

The next flashpoint is already starting to burst. I’ve never heard of events being rescheduled so that Christian and Jewish athletes can avoid competing on their respective sabbaths, but we are, after all, still six years away here. Perhaps the festivities could be pushed back two or three weeks as a show of goodwill.

No doubt “pressure” will be applied.

Ynet has a new profile of Wafa Sultan, by the way. Quote:

Within a week of arriving in America, Sultan started writing. She wrote articles for Arab-language newspapers in the Los Angeles area. Every editor stopped her at a certain point and wouldn’t publish her thoughts, she said…

Wafa received several warning phone calls from CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations). At first, she says, they were able to restrain her to a degree, but after September 11th, she knew she could not remain silent. “Today I’m a completely different person. Let them do what they want.”

I did not know that she has her own website. But she does.

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