Lots of e-mail feedback to today’s show. Almost all of it positive. Much of it from men. Many of them asking if we could invite Bethany next time, too.

Go figure.


The funny thing is, we modeled this segment on a show that attracts very few male viewers.


Again, go figure.

I don’t want to raise temperatures too much, but I e-mailed KP afterwards to congratulate her and to toss out the possibility of filming the next one down at the local gun range, where MM and co. could teach her how to shoot. You know what she said?

I already know how to shoot! My dad was a big gun collector…..he used to take us to the “shooting range” (a gravel pit set up w targets) all the time…..


Here’s a little more (virtual) roundtable for you. The boss was on Cavuto this afternoon to talk about Hillary’s presidential prospects and the likelihood of the GOP retaining control of Congress in November. It seems my pessimism’s rubbing off on her. I’ve spliced in a short segment of KP on Jane Skinner’s show earlier today discussing the midterms and Cheney’s effectiveness at fundraising. Consider it a little free exposure as thanks for her agreeing to do our show.

I do feel a little guilty that we haven’t done an all-male roundtable yet for the ladies’ enjoyment. We could do one; it’d be as easy as me, Bryan, and Ian congregating at the Hot Air studios for an impromptu rap session. But … I’ve seen the beginning of “A Hard Day’s Night.” I won’t live like that.

I can’t live like that.

To compensate, here’s the cover of a new calendar featuring half-naked Marines. The publisher has promised to donate to wounded vets 100% of the proceeds received from the, er, “ladies” who purchase it.


Twelve more waiting for you right here. That should cover for us two more shows.