For copyright infringement. Gateway Pundit thinks it’s further proof of YouTube’s left-wing disposition. What does he want them to do, though? They claim to have received a notice of infringement from the AP. If you owned YouTube and had a billion potential infringement suits in the pipe, would you go picking fights over whether a particular clip constitutes fair use or not? With a major media organization, no less? Or would you show your good faith by yanking it down ASAP?

Easy call.

I don’t doubt that AP sent them the infringement notice, either. The Reid land-deal story was an exclusive and the detail about the hang-up got picked up on Drudge. That was a hot little vid they were sitting on. Why not be greedy with it?

While we’re on the subject of YouTube bias, let’s clear something else up. Some people are under the impression that if enough users flag a video at YT as inappropriate, it’ll automatically be removed. (I know this because I was under that impression myself.) ‘Tain’t so. Nothing comes down off the server without management’s say so, which is why Michelle was so outraged about the double standard re: her videos versus the jihadis. It’d be one thing if a critical mass of nutroots morons was going around tagging her stuff; but that’s not how things work:

YouTube’s newest posting about such “flagging” came just a few days ago, as the political ad was making the rounds.

Maryrose, of The YouTube Team, said if any video viewer flags a video as inappropriate, it is forwarded to a queue for the company’s customer support team to review.

“Videos are NEVER automatically removed simply because they’ve been flagged,” Maryrose said. “Every single flagged video is reviewed by someone at YouTube who then determines if the video contains material that is against our terms of use.”

Robert Cox wrote today that the right is in danger of ceding the Internet battlefield to the left. A righty blogger IM’d me earlier to ask if I’d read the piece and what I thought about it in light of the YouTube squeeze. It would be a good idea, he said, if the right had a site of its own specializing in conservative video.

Er, yeah. I guess that would be a good idea.

Update from Michelle: Yes, good idea. Hmmm. By the way, I’m glad Robert wrote about the YT wars. One correction, though: YouTube did not revoke my account and did not pull all my videos. The conservative YouTubers group continues to grow (approaching the 3,000 mark!) and you can join here. Carry on…

Update: Want a little jolt of evening schadenfreude? According to one IP lawyer, YT’s bias might come back to bite it in the ass when the infringement suits begin in earnest:

“The problem is that the more they go into editorial control, the less they can rely on the DMCA to protect them,” said Randy Broberg, head of the intellectual property practice group at Allen Matkins LLP. “If you exercise editorial censorship, it becomes YouTube’s content, which would make them more liable.”