Would you believe I saw this on Google News hours ago and passed on it? And now it’s red-fonted on Drudge. Son of a bitch.

She’s probably telling the truth. How could she not be a finalist? Look at who the nominators are. It’s not exactly a short list, either — there are 191 this year according to the Nobel homepage. Their identities are secret but Bloomberg has some informed guesses.

Odds of her winning? 16-1 says Centrebet, an Australian bookie consulted by Bloomberg. Reasons to think she’ll win: she knows the right people, she’s grief-stricken, or at least as grief-stricken as anyone who hangs out with movie stars can be, and she’s fantasized publicly about killing Bush. Reasons why she won’t win: they gave it to an American four years ago for basically the same reasons they’d be giving it to Cindy. Besides, if they’re going to go American, isn’t there a much better candidate?

Isn’t it time?