A third of the way down on the right-hand side here. You can almost hear the Dean scream.

Not as funny this time, though. If this keeps up, they really will be going to D.C. to take back the White House:


The polls about vote accuracy halfway down are interesting/depressing, too.

Scott Elliott of Election Projection sounds the alarm while Barnett finds the silver lining. Will the schadenfreude we feel watching Joementum steamroll the nutroots be enough to offset the misery on election night? Depends on the margin, I think. A five-point win for Liebs can plausibly be claimed as a moral victory by the Kossacks.

A 15-point win? After Lamont won the primary? With Iraq as bad as it is right now?

Not so much.

Liebs fought off yet another smear today, by the way. Turns out he does believe in civil rights.


Update: Here’s what happens when you run a one-issue campaign and pick the worst possible one issue to run on. It’s like trying to build a skyscraper on a swamp.

Or, if you prefer, a “quagmire.”

Irey’s been a bit of a dial tone in her cable chat-show appearances, too.

The poll sample skews overwhelmingly Democratic but that’s not necessarily inaccurate. I can’t find demographic data for the 12th District online, but considering that Murtha’s a 16-term incumbent, it’s safe to say it’s a deep, deep blue.

Next stop for the Marines: Okinawa?


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