Memo from National Review to the GOP: it’s time to fight back.

Memo from Chris Shays to National Review: message received.

When the congressional page scandal broke last month, Democrats across the country saw a chance to lambaste Republican leadership – including Diane Farrell, who called on House Speaker Dennis Hastert to step down.

But when Sen. Edward M. Kennedy came to Connecticut last week to help her campaign, Rep. Christopher Shays hit back.

“I know the speaker didn’t go over a bridge and leave a young person in the water, and then have a press conference the next day,” said Shays, R-4th District, referring to the 1969 incident in which the Massachusetts Democrat drove a car that plunged into the water and a young campaign worker died.

“Dennis Hastert didn’t kill anybody,” he added.

Elsewhere in Foley follies: former GOP House staffers Kirk Fordham and Jeff Trandahl prepare to tell all to the House Ethics Committee about what Hastert knew and when he knew it; Republican Congressman Jim Kolbe is caught taking boys camping; and the Blotter wonders, just how many drunken trips to the page dormitory did Mark Foley make?

Update: Radical gay McCornthyite Mike Rogers threatens a march of the pink elephants. Whatever shall we do?