Why are modern women so choosy in love?

Personally, I think there are two major factors at play here.

The first is to do with money, and specifically this generation of women’s ability to earn it like never before.

The second is the flipside of the female psyche from the one that forges a career — the part which, fuelled by romantic books and films, retains an ideal of a Mr Right which may simply not exist.

But he does exist. And now everyone on Wall Street knows his name.

See-Dub has background. You must follow his links or else you won’t appreciate this story in its full splendor. For my part, I’ll add a link to the bio page at the business Vayner supposedly runs. A Google search for the quote attributed to the Village Voice in the first paragraph turns up nothing.

Question for the ladies: assuming he wasn’t a pathological liar, would you be all over this? Not because of the looks or the physique or the money or the charm, of course.

Because of the confidence.