You remember Joel Stein. Sure you do.

As much as righties loathe him, I think most of us grudgingly respect him for his honesty. He proceeds logically about these things: if you don’t support the war, you can’t really support the troops. And if you do support the war, why wouldn’t you support the occasional waterboarding?

And why would you want to bring democracy to a bunch of Arabs?

Although we have killed more than 50,000 Iraqis for reasons that no one is able to explain other than that letting crazy, anti-Western, death-cult Arabs vote for their own crazy, anti-Western, death-cult Arab leaders is awesome, we have decided that we cannot accept mistreating captured enemies. Apparently we are under the impression that countries fond of using “shock and awe” are actually judged on how many Michelin stars their prisons get.

Exit question: is Joel Stein part of the “nuke Mecca” crowd?

Bonus anti-war enlightenment! Terry Jones (yeah, from Python) welcomes George Bush to the World League of Despots, something he’s been working up towards since, oh, about ten weeks after 9/11.

Update: LA Times readers react to the multi-page profile the paper ran last week about Medal of Honor nominee Christopher Adlesperger. Sample:

If an individual were to kill 11 people in house-to-house gang warfare in South Los Angeles, we wouldn’t call him a hero; we’d call him a bloodthirsty, homicidal maniac. We would fear for the future of our city…

The 11 people we dismiss as insurgents are mourned by their own families, some of whom consider their actions a logical response to a foreign power occupying their land, while others grieve at the senselessness of it all.