Gateway Pundit’s excited and thinks he and Red State might have identified who that operative is. The guy they’ve fingered left Rodney Alexander’s office in 2004, though. The e-mails that were provided to Harper’s — the creepy but not sexual “send me a picture of you” messages — weren’t written until 2005.

Anyway, as Ken Silverstein says:

If this was all a plot to hurt the G.O.P.’s chances in the midterm elections, why did the original source for the story begin approaching media outlets a full year ago? If either of the Florida papers had gone to press with the story last year, or if Harper’s had published this spring, as the source hoped, the Foley scandal would have died down long ago. A stronger case could be made that the media, including Harper’s, dropped the ball and inadvertently protected Foley and covered up evidence of the congressman’s misconduct.

The smoking gun here isn’t the creepy e-mails, it’s the overtly sexual “take off your pants” IMs. Who provided those to ABC, and more importantly, to CREW?