It’s on Fox and CNN right now. One flash after another for the past five or ten minutes, some of them enormous. Omar’s liveblogging it at Iraq the Model.

A metaphor for the whole war, really.

Update: No injuries reported yet but it’s hard to believe that’ll hold. Explosions are still going off.

Update: It’s happening at FOB Falcon:

The US military blamed the explosions on ammunition “cooking off” in the heat. They said they did not know what had caused the initial fire.

Blasts from the base, in the south of the city, were heard for miles around.

The BBC’s Andrew North, in Baghdad, said the explosions started at about 2300 (2100 BST) and were becoming “evermore frequent” as the fire appeared to be spreading.

Update: Hmmm.

Falcon is located at the southern entrance of Baghdad, near the violence-torn district of Dora, where U.S. troops have been focusing in a two-month-old sweep of the capital neighborhood-by-neighborhood aimed at rooting out militants and weapons.

Update: Everyone’s been safely evacuated from the base although some of the misfiring shells are landing in the city. They don’t know what caused the fire yet.

Update: “The Iraqi capital is burning,” says Hammorabi.