The Factor’s on the road this week so the boss was treated to a free trip to Chicago and a live studio audience tonight. She was initially told she’d be talking about John Mark Karr of all things, but thankfully O’R settled on a better idea.

Her point about no one ever throwing pies at Michael Moore is well taken, but I can’t help thinking there’s an easy fat joke in there somewhere that she missed. Too bad.

As for the lovely KP, I’m reliably informed that she and the boss had dinner together tonight — a fact which should by itself be enough to have her banned from the party.

But that’s probably not necessary anymore. Close your eyes at some points during this clip and you’d have a hard time telling which one was the conservative.


I’m going to go ahead and declare it. A little early, I know, and our side doesn’t have the best track record with this sort of thing, but I think her conversion is, for all intents and purposes, complete. And so I declare: