It’s a thin slice. A sliver, really.

From Chanel’s Karen Carpenter line. The shroud also comes in black.



That one’s been among the “most viewed” on Yahoo News for two or three days running. The only photos that make it onto that list are the cute (i.e., animals), the sexy, and the scary. I’ll leave you to figure out which category this one belongs to.

Also currently among the top four:


Hint: different category from the last one.

That was taken at the new Playboy Club in Vegas. Apparently the grand opening is some sort of scary important news event because there are oodles more photos about it on the wires right now.

It’s news. This is a news blog. Consider it covered.

It ain’t a sex post without Billy Jeff: Democratic Senate candidate Claire McCaskill tells Tim Russert to keep the Clenis away from her daughters.