The sweetest moment in sports. Sweeter than Christmas.

A-Rod? 1 for 14 for the series, 0 RBIs. Demoted to eighth in the batting order for today’s game.

Coming soon: Steinbrenner’s tantrum. To be followed by another tantrum three weeks from now when my Mets win the World Series.

Update: The Freepers rejoice.

Update: The only gray lining in tonight’s silver cloud? The fact that now we won’t have the pleasure of kicking the shinola out of the Yankees in the World Series.

Can you feel it?

Update: Headline of the day.

Update: According to FR, ESPN TV is reporting that Torre’s been canned and replaced by Lou Piniella. If so, that’s a shockingly disgraceful way to let go of a guy who’s won four championships.

Update: Looks like it’s true:

Heads were likely to roll after the Yankees were eliminated from the postseason by the Tigers, but the opening odds were on Alex Rodriguez going first, not Joe Torre.

According to the New York Daily News, however, the popular Yankees manager will be fired unless he decides to resign first to save face. Sources told the newspaper that former Yankees player and manager Lou Piniella will be owner George Steinbrenner’s choice to replace Torre.

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