The Freepers are trying to kick up some dust about this and now it’s migrated to the Corner, so we might as well post it.

The Katrina stuff isn’t that odd; it’s followed by scenes of housebuilding to show, I guess, the indomitable American spirit. The Nixon farewell is a bit strange, but hey: liberals buy cars, too, guys. For some of us, a slice of cheesecake or beefcake leaning enticingly against the hood might be enough to pique our interest in the product. For others, archival footage of a Republican leaving the White House in disgrace might do the trick.

Sex sells.

If Chevy were smart, they’d partner up with that Bush assassination film and really move some merchandise.

Update: Re: that language about Colbert, I’m 99.9% sure that was added by Jalopnik, the blog the ad on YouTube. That’s, uh, not part of the original commercial. I think.

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